Sep 212010

Statement by EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding: „Discrimination on the basis of ethnic origin or race has no place in Europe. It is incompatible with the values on which the European Union is founded.“ „Over the past weeks, the European Commission has been following very closely the developments in France regarding the Roma. I personally have been appalled by a situation which gave the impression that people are being removed from a Member State of the European Union just because [read more…]

Aug 272010
week #34 in quotes

Roma situation in France „We are enforcing simple rules. (…) One cannot just illegally occupy land without authorization.“ Brice Hortefeux, French Interior Minister „The police told us we could choose between leaving now, on our own accord, or be expelled by force later. (…) So we agreed to leave.“ Young Roma man, who declined to be identified „This is a shameful policy. It’s an electoral strategy. This will contribute nothing to the security of French people.“ Dominique de Villepin, former [read more…]

Jul 302010
week #30 in quotes

EU will not challenge France’s policy towards Roma „It’s up to the state to decide” Matthew Newman, spokesman for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Commissioner Viviane Reding Death penalty in Japan „I deeply regret the execution by hanging of Hidenori Ogata and Kazuo Shinozawa on 28 July 2010, and the fact that this marks the resumption of executions in Japan after one year during which none took place. The European Union is opposed to the use of capital punishment in [read more…]